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If you're reading this and you're a woman, PRAISE THE LORD!  You're on your way to health and wellness.  Why not make the journey together?

Women's health is faaaarrr more than PAP smears and Breast exams!  We are complex creatures and we can turn the tides of everything from an election to a failing home-life.  But why can't we get rid of cramps, PMS and bad relationships?

Much of our health disparities come from the fact that we take care of everyone and anyone--often at our own expenses.  Even if you are a married woman with a great husband--in some way, as a Black (African-American) woman, you are less likely to take care of yourself!  We're a lot better than the generations before us, however the demands on our lives are MUCH, MUCH greater mentally, emotionally and psychologically. 

We are expecting more--more emotional fulfillment, more money, more love, and a deeper, better relationship with God--through Jesus.  However, we have quite a few "ISSUES" that are still plaguing us.  It's time for a CONCLUSIVE, DISTINCT AND WONDERFUL CHANGE.

One year ago today, I was inaugurated as the 1st Black female president of any Naturopathic Medical School.  The next day, my relationship ended--devestating, stunning and leaving me extremely confused and disgusted.  In the grand style of the LORD JESUS, I had to keep moving--my VP and I had a team of people, an entire student body (leader of leaders) counting on us--so my feelings, my emotions got pushed aside.

So, my journey to women's health--maybe similar to many of yours, maybe not so much--depends on spiritual, emotional and psychological healing and factors that influence the very physiology of my body.

Come and join me for a wonderful, vast and exciting journey of TRUE women's health and healing!  Feel free to contact me with ideas, questions or comments.  I believe TEAMWORK makes the DREAM WORK!

Love and blessings!




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